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About HSE Academy (Pvt) Ltd

Hse Academy aims to be the most competitive and the most productive Training and Consultancy organization in the Pakistan and Middle East. Our core competencies in Training, Audits, Consultancy and certification are being continuously improved to be best-in-class. They are at the heart of what we are. Our chosen markets will be determined solely by our ability to be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unequalled service to our customers throughout Pakistan and the Middle East.

get to know us

Our Mission

  • Provision of Economical OSHEQ (Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) business solutions as required by our respective Clients.

  • Execution of our OSHEQ (Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) business in a professional way makes us different and superior from other OSHEQ service providers, which gives our respective clients satisfaction from provided services.

  • Development of OSHEQ (Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) professionals by arranging Internationally & Nationally accredited training.


Reliable, Honest & Trustworthy Management team

Why us

Why Choose Us?

Our Policy is to prioritize the Client’s business needs. Though there are several companies providing conventional solutions & services in OSHEQ, by choosing us, you’ll feel the difference due to our unique pattern of imparting training, with high-profile foreign & local trainers having extensive experience of a number of years in diversified environments.

  • Rigging & Lifting Supervisor

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  • Scaffolding Inspector

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  • H2S Safety Course UK

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  • OSHA 30 Hours

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Highly Qualified & Internationally Approved Professional Staff

  • Highest Passing ratio in different HSE Courses

  • Reliable, Honest & Trustworthy Management team

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